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historikThe company was founded 1983 in Åtvidaberg and the aim was to produce teh best Tornado boat in the world for the Olympics.

Pretty soon it became clear that the market could not offer equipment good enough. To satisfy their high requirements boat and spar had to be developed on its own.

The interest in sailing and the search for the ultimate equipment were the driving forces to start the new enterprise.

Production of boat and mast in carbon fibre with autoclave technique began in Åtvidaberg. 2003 operations moved to Västervik. Marström Sail Center of Sweden HB, which is the original name is considered by many to have been the best manufacturer of Tornado Boats in the world. The company delivered all the catamarans that participated in the Olympic sailing competitions at the Olympic Games from 1988 up to 2008.

2003 the company Marström Composite was formed and for a time both companies were run in parallel. Today Marström Composite, headquartered by the sea in Västervik, runs the business. The site has 600 m coast line and its own marina. Still is autoclave technique and carbon fibre used to get the best possible composite quality. Production has been extended from Tornado boats to other types of boats, masts and booms, as well as to various products in the aerospace, industrial, automotive, defence and medical technology.

Many different products are manufactured today, such as RIBs, window frames to Corvettes, rotor blades and tail booms for unmanned helicopters, panels for cargo systems for commercial aircraft, lamp posts for street lighting, speaker cabinets, tables for medical proton therapy and X-ray, and more.

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Autoclave Technique

There are a number of ways available to build carbon fiber products. Marstrom Composite choose prepreg cured in autoclave during the early 80s.  The technique was introduced in the aviation industry. Resulting quality was a major boost when compared with various wet lamination and injection techniques.

After more than thirty years, there are no better technology that provides the same low weight, equal stiffness and strength and with a consistently high quality as autoclave curing.

We have autoclaves in various sizes, up to 35 m length, and uses energy effective heating to keep energy consumption and process cost as low as possible.

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Be a market reference for design, prototyping, industrial production and assembly of complex  composite parts for industrial, automotive, aerospace, defence and marine markets.

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