Canon cupola for BAE Systems in series production

After a period of design, stress calculation, prototyping and testing the articles for BAE Systems Bofors are now in series production. The cupola is part of 40 mm canon system for marine vessels worldwide. Main function of cupola is protection of the gun carriage, especially from sea loads. Outer dimension of the cupola is approximately 2,1 m in square and total weight around 200 kg.

Marstrom Composite is providing cupola, fundament and frame for magazine to BAE Systems Bofors in Karlskoga, Sweden. All articles are in carbon composite cured in autoclave. The articles are finished in our shops and shipped ready for assembly at customer’s site. Use of carbon composite instead of metal sheet gives lower weight, no corrosion and a simpler design with less number of parts to assemble. Deliveries under current contract will continue during 2017.

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CybAero | Helicopter components

Marstrom Composite manufactures rotor blades, tail boom tube and stabilizer for CybAero unmanned helicopter (UAV) APID-60. The UAV is equipped with a camera system with house supplied by Marstrom Composite. All components are made of carbon fiber.

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Black Armored Drone | Flying camera rigs

Intuitive Aerial is an exciting company who leverages aerial cinema systems with the latest electronic sensor and drone technology.

Marstrom Composite has manufactured the carbon fiber parts for the Black Armored Drone, aimed for delivering high end aerial images and films.

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Telair International | Panels for cargo system

Telair International is one of our largest customers. Marstroms Composite delivers panels for their aircraft cargo and baggage handling systems. We manufacture light and rigid panels using honeycomb-technology. End users are Boeing and Airbus. For more information, see www.telair.com.

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