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Ariadne | Develop frequency vibrators for oil searching

Marstrom Composite has teamed up with the Ariadne Engineering developed vibrators for oil exploration offshore on behalf of PGS in Houston. We have manufactured panels and components.

Vibrators with integrated sensors are drawn after the vessel and collect information about the seabed density several kilometres down into the earth's crust, in order to find oil.

The new vibrators made of carbon fiber composite is intended to be an environmentally friendly replacement for today's technology based on air cannons. Attempts have been made with vibrators made of metal, but they cannot handle the low-frequency fatigue stresses.

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Formula Student | A designed and fighter-jet inspired formula Student car

Marstrom Composite has supported Viktor Svensson and his team from Linköping University in the project aiming to design and manufacture a full carbon car with a light steel-frame structure. Engine and other drivetrain components selected on power over weight, and electronics with driver controls integrated based on best-known practices.

Working day and night was the “reality” for a group of students from Linköping University. The goal was to attend the Formula Student event at Silverstone, England, which is one of the most prestigious engineering competitions for students.

The team consists of 25 people with different mindsets. The project starts from scratch aiming to develop something that is not there, which of course is incredibly difficult and in the end, every component is important. Everything developed together and with the highest precision.

"About building a car! That’s easy. Learning how to work with different people, raise sponsorship, deliver on your plans, and then actually take part is a much bigger challenge." - Andrew Webster, Shell.

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Malmö city | Lampposts in carbon fiber

Marstrom Composite illuminates Kaptens bro in Malmö

Lighting in a new concept, lampposts made of carbon fiber composite. Light, strong and long lasting. The project was commissioned by the City of Malmö in cooperation between Marstrom Composite, Composite Design, Lokal XXX Arkitekter and Lyktan AB. The project has received a lot of attention and will be repeated in some form of serial production in the future.

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Minesto AB | New energy solution

Marstrom Composite has manufactured all composite parts for Minesto´s tidal power plant prototypes. The new idea is efficient in tidal areas and low speed ocean currents. 

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Windpower | New energy solution

Marstrom Composite member of The Swedish Wind Power Centre

The Swedish Wind Power Centre (SWPTC) has been founded to support Swedish industry with knowledge about construction issues regarding wind power. SWPTC will also educate future engineers within the subject. The goal of the center is to be able to build both partial and complete wind power systems in Sweden. Behind the SWPTC are Chalmers University of Technology along with several industrial companies such as ABB, SKF Sverige, Triventus Energiteknik, Göteborgs Energi, GE Wind (Sweden), Marstrom Composite and DIAB.

Marstrom WindPower better performance, longer life

Source: SWPTC

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